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Privacy Policy


We require a username and password to access the site. We do not store your password on our servers – we store a "one-way-hash" of it. If you contact us and ask us what it is, we won’t know. We use industry standard SSL encryption between your browser and our servers to prevent malicious interception of your data. We use state-of-the-art firewalls and other infrastructure mechanisms to prevent hackers from accessing our environment. We use industrial strength encryption techniques to securely store your data within our databases. We use cookies to make our site easier to use but we do not share our cookies with anyone else. We may use cookies to track your behaviour within the website but only for the purposes of improving our offering.

Personally Identifiable Data

We require a valid email address when you register for the service. Any personally identifiable data that you optionally provide us via your user profile is stored in an encrypted fashion so that only you can access it via the site. Not even our system personnel cleared for access to our servers can view it. Industry standard OFX files will contain personal financial information such as bank account numbers, and transaction details but cannot be used to identify you. All sensitive data of this nature is encrypted in our databases. We will never share your personally identifiable data outside of the service. We may allow third-party services such as online financial planning tools to access your categorized data outside of the service but only if you expressly permit such sharing by providing your username and password to these third-party services. We will use aggregate and non-personally identifiable data to enable the service to serve the broader community. We may share aggregate data with third parties. Aggregate data means things like "average spending on groceries for January across all users". Nothing specific to your data will be shared.