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For Financial Advisors

Cashflow INSITE™ enables Financial Advisors to integrate client spending information into financial planning tools, and gain a better understanding of their clients' financial situation, income, and spending. As well as improving the advisor/client relationship, advisors can help their clients find money to invest using Cashflow INSITE™ by analyzing client spending and identifying areas where changes can be made.

By using Cashflow INSITE it is possible to compare client spending, and make the identified areas for saving a reality. Lifestyle models divide a person's spending across several broad categories, and allow the advisor and client to proactively track actual spending against desired budgetary limits. We offer a number of existing lifestyle models, or a client can create their own custom lifestyle model, which can be tailored specifically to their individual situation.

To get started, start your free trial, invite your clients to sign up, and start working with them to save money and invest. If you're already a member, sign in to access your account.

  • View Cashflow INSITE™ summary spending information for your clients.
  • Help your clients find ways to cut spending and increase their investments using lifestyle models.

Cashflow INSITE™ uses classification technology to categorize similar transactions automatically on upload or, if there's some uncertainty, Cashflow INSITE™ will suggest a possible category, which means less work for your client.

A subscription to Cashflow INSITE Advisor is $65 per month (excluding any applicable discount).